Sybella Perry - stone-twice-fire

Sybella Perry, stone-twice-fire, 4 - 18 December 2014

Opening: Thursday 4 December 2014, 6pm

The search for the missing formula for artificial stone leads the disembodied voice of a psychic to question three historical monuments still standing due to the material’s unweatherable quality. Through a series of cold-readings her journey across England finally arrives at a street in London, where each house bears an enigmatic symbol. Could they be the key to the secret code for stone?

With her slideshow, stone-twice-fire, Sybella Perry (1986, UK) presents a new work, in which the artist explores human relationships to symbolic objects and analyses how we place meaning through situating statues and buildings within a specific environment and context. Borrowing elements of documentary and fiction formats, Perry combines photographic slides, which similar to the historical monuments they depict carry the idea of the possibility of freezing moments in time, with the by contrast time-based flux of the narrative voice. stone-twice-fire thus puts to the test the relationship between photography and story-telling, visual thinking and literacy and explores our constant struggle to try to make sense of things, and how the meaning we create over time corrodes and transforms as landscapes change and as the objects we give meaning to are moved, partially replaced, or preserved.

Film Screening: Sunday 14 December 2014, 4pm
Robinson in Ruins, dir. Patrick Keiller (2010), 101 min.
selected by Sybella Perry

On occasion of Sybella Perry's exhibition at centrum there will be a screening of Patrick Keiller's feature-length essay-fiction film Robinson in Ruins (2010), in which the eccentric and mysterious protagonist Robinson leads the viewers on a trip through London and Oxfordshire. Exploring Britain's industrial heritage and residual romanticism at times of economic crisis, he discovers that the British industry has moved away from the cities to the countryside, into a hinterland of motorways and complex logistic systems operated almost without staff.

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