Adrian Melis

Adrian Melis - 25 August - 20 September 2015

Opening: Tuesday 25 August 2015, 6pm
Artist Talk: 26 August 2015, 7pm, as part of this year's PROJECT SPACE FESTIVAL BERLIN (exhibition open from 5pm)

Adrian Melis in his work poses questions about the conditions and the cultural and social value of work both under socialism in his native country Cuba and in Europe’s current neo-liberal societies. The projects, which the artist has realised in Cuba, centre on the working conditions and people’s attitude towards their workplaces at state-run enterprises. The failing of the communist promise of wealth for all and the isolation and stagnation of the Cuban economy, have as a result, led to a loss of identification of workers with both the economic and political system and in consequence to estrangement with their specific job tasks. For Melis the widely felt tedium caused by the lack of productivity, becomes the incentive and the premise for the creation of a series of paradoxical situations made possible by the complicity and solidarity shared among workers.

Since 2011, the focus of the works has shifted, as the artist has left Cuba for life in Europe. While Melis’ projects still rely on the collaboration with people, the roles which both artist and participants play in these projects are different under the rules and conditions of a competitive market under current conservative governments.

In exhibitions, Melis shows the results of his investigation of the conditions and the value of labour as videos, photographs, or installations. Often providing the works with a factual realism through the display of names and number of his collaborators, Melis creates works, which are paradoxically both serial and personal. Melis’ installation at centrum will be his first exhibition project in Berlin.

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Adrian Melis