Annabel Hesselink

Towards a New Moon is a video installation by Annabel Hesselink (NL, 1987) in which through a range of video-experiments, the artist seeks to regain a wondrous image of the moon; an image that detaches itself from that of a grey and dusty surface which has become so deeply embedded in our cultural memory ever since its first appearance flickering on the television screens in 1969.

The artist asks, if there was the possibility to doubt this generally accepted, scientific image of the moon, could we wonder again? Hesselink’s video-experiments thus are a leap into the dark, towards a condition of not-knowing, doubt and questions seeking ways to depart from what constitutes the established image of the moon.

Hesselink has collected video-interviews in which she asks people around the world about their memories of the first moon landing, and their own ideas of the moon. Next to this Hesselink also digs within history for remarkable facts and fictions around the moon. Through video, building models, digging craters, and rolling snowballs the artists puts to the test the limits of what can be rationalised and imagined creating an alternative portrait of the moon.

Towards a New Moon will be part of NACHT&NEBEL cultural festival in Berlin-Neukölln.